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Most pages are available only to Guild members.  These pages will include information on:

  • Accredited teachers
  • Locality Groups
  • Show and exhibition information, and contact details for accredited judges
  • Information on canvases, threads and beading, and a stitch directory.
  • A gallery of members' works
  • Sharing your work with other members.

If you are interested in more information and access to these valuable resources, use the contact form on this page or go to the Membership Page.


The objectives of the Tapestry Guild Inc.

To develop and promote sewn tapestry, canvas work and other stitch craft.  To bring together people with an interest in all forms of creative tapestry, canvas work and other stitch craft.

To develop Creative Tapestry as an art form.

To bring together people with various forms of expertise in creative tapestry and stitch craft so they can share these skills and talents with Guild members.

To provide a way in which interested people may keep in touch with current events, techniques, materials and equipment within the field of Creative Tapestry, Canvas work and other stitch craft.

To promote the diverse interests of members and create lasting friendships.

The Tapestry Guild aims to provide members with:

An informative Newsletter and General members meetings four times a year

Locality groups where members can share their love of needlework

Comprehensive Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses to teach all the elements of creative canvas work

Workshops to help members extend their skills and enjoy the companionship of other members.

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Membership  The last page in this web site (Membership) contains information and application forms for membership.  Any questions on the subject can be asked via the Form below.

Need a trained and experienced judge for your event?
We have several people available in NSW and Queensland who can judge exhibited works.  Please use the contact from below and we will call you with details of our Judges in your location.

Details of locality groups
If you would like to attend one of our regular meetings in your region, use the form below to ask for details.

For more information about The Tapestry Guild and the services it offers, please use the link below to email:

The Tapestry Guild

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